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Cat pampering & Cat sitting Services in Menorca
Cattery Alternative

Our loving feline friends would much prefer to stay in their own familiar space as they are creatures of comfort and prefer to have their unique needs and routines taken care of in the comfort of their own home!

My aim is to visit your cat’s home every day to ensure that he or she will receive plenty of fuss, attention, adoration and get its favourite meal on time. Furthermore I we will put your dustbins outside, turn on or off lights, draw blinds or curtains so that your cat will hardly notice you are not at home! Your cats well being, happiness, contentment is all I care about as I am a softy who has loved and cared for cats for more than 40 years.


PRICES Location within 15Km of Mahon

Prices per day 1 visit = 7,50 euros

Location further than 15Km of Mahon

Prices per day 1 visit = 13,50 euros
Please call any time or send an email to discuss your cat’s particular needs.
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